How to Remove Password in Excel 2016, 2013 [Quick Trick]


Protecting your file is essential in a digital world. But sometimes, we want to remove the password of the excel or document.

Today we are going to show “how to remove password in excel 2016” easily. 

By using the password, we can protect our excel and formula. I can share the excel, which contains lots that can be saved through the password so that no one can change it.

how to remove password in excel

Another important use of the password is protecting your VBA code. Mostly I have been used password for VBA files so no can edit the code by mistake.

Remove Password in Excel

If you know the password of your excel file, then follow the below steps.

First, Click the Review Tab on the navigation bar. You can use the shortcut key Alt+R to open the Review Tab without using the mouse.

remove password in excel review

If you can’t find the Top ribbon review button, you can add Excel options.

Once you selected the Review Tab. Select Unprotect sheet from the protect window.

excel unprotect sheet

Now Click Unprotect Sheet. 

This trick will help to remove passwords in excel 2016. Once you clicked the Unprotect sheet, you will get a popup to enter the password.

In the Unprotect sheet popup, Enter your password. Now click Ok.

Once you entered the password, your Sheet is no more protected sheet. You can edit, change, and all other operations with restrictions.

The same steps are applicable for Sheet also.

Remove Password in Excel without Knowing Password

What do we need to do when you don’t know the password? If you don’t know the password, then its quite complicated. 

But in Excel, there is a workaround in which you can unprotect a sheet without its password by VBA code.

Let see to remove the password in excel 2016 using VBA.

Press Alt + F11 from the keyboard  

Press keyboard alt + F 11 now you will see a new window with the VBA project Microsoft Excel.

excel vba module

There you can VBA Project sheet1, this workbook. Double click sheet one and copy-paste the code that I have shared in the GitHub URL, so now you pasted the code in Sheet 1.

Now click to run button the top as like Run Sub user form.

remove password in excel sub module

You will get a popup to open the file. Select the file to remove protection from the source.

Before selecting the file:

  1. Make sure the files are closed.
  2. If you didn’t close the file, click cancel and again try after completing it.
  3. If the file is closed, select the file. Once you decide on the data source file, we’ll get the popup like the workbook and worksheet protection password have been removed.
  4. Click yes and again click ok.

 Now go to the folder where the original file is located. You can see a new file called cracked with your filename in bracket cracked, so if you open the file, you can see the same content with unprotected.

That’s how we can access the password-protected file without knowing its password.

Quick Summary 

Method 1

1. Open Excel Sheet, Go to Review Tab.

2. Click Unprotect Sheet and Enter your Password.

Method 2

1. Open VBA editor by pressing Alt + F11 and Double Click Sheet1

2. Copy Paste the VBA Code without changing anything, then click Run.

3. Select your file and Open it

4. Now, you will copy your file without a password.


Using the above two methods, you can Unprotect the Sheet or password with a password and without. 

So which method have you used? Share in comments.

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